A Beginner’s Guide To Creating An Accessory Apartment

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As you age, it might not be easy to climb the stairs, and you may need to live on the ground floor while remaining close to your family. You may also want to rent some space out in your home to help generate additional cash for expenses.

In both these instances, an accessory apartment could be the solution, as you could still maintain your privacy while achieving your goals. However, the process can be tricky as many permissions are needed to alter your home.

So, to outline the factors for compliance when designing an additional home, Civilcan Engineering Inc. has put together a beginner’s guide to creating an accessory apartment. By following this guide, you, as a homeowner, can have the peace of mind that the new extension to your home is getting designed according to specific clearances.

Getting Started

Plan your project: Obtain information from different sources about the feasibility of your project. Get quotes from construction contractors and check their online reviews.

Have a budget: You should have an estimate of the amount of money that you can spend on the building. Also, you must realize that every project is different, and costs will vary, so be prepared for contingencies.

Next Steps

Contact a professional: Hire an experienced and qualified building designer or architect who knows the job inside out. Provide them with record drawings of the property so that they can create a safe space for living with all the considerations made for dimensions and specifications.

Seek a permit: Follow your municipality’s requirements, and provide any documentation needed to fulfill the building code and regulatory guidelines.

Advice From The Pros

Don’t cut corners: Each project is unique and requires an assessment, so stay complaint and have the bigger picture in mind.

Be patient: Do not rent your basement until you create an accessory apartment in your property, which follows municipality permit requirements.

If you are planning to create an accessory apartment, contact our team today as we offer a free project assessment. At Civilcan Engineering Inc., our goal is to exceed your expectations.

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